In Which We Reflect on Return

Well, it’s been over three and a half years since the last time I wrote anything on this website.  The original blog was started as an exercise—to set myself a challenging writing schedule and make it a public blog so that I would feel pressure to maintain it.  I decided to make it a personal blog, but to add the theme of animals so as to help define it.  Ultimately, the theme felt too constraining, and the pressure to post on schedule was replaced with the anxiety of feeling like I had to promote the blog just so that enough people would read it so that I would in turn feel like I needed to keep to my posting schedule.  The whole endeavor lasted just under eight months, at which point I felt completely burned out, and as with all my writing, intensely ashamed.


Doogie & his journal

And yet, here I am, having thrown out the ol’ Blogger format for this fancy WordPress, and attempting to write once again.  I am no longer using this blog as a writing exercise, nor am I setting myself a schedule.  The theme is still relevant, but I will be giving myself wide leeway in how I interpret it.  Anything is fair game, and the goal of this blog is to be a relaxing place of curious reflection—the e-journal I always wanted to keep from the first time I watched an episode of Doogie Howser, M.D. Continue reading